TRUE Leadership

TRUE Leadership is an innovative development experience for individuals and organizations taught in nature, with nature, to connect to your own TRUE nature and innate Leadership capabilities.

Although there are many theoretical, academic views on Leadership, we propose that there is no faster or more effective way to learn how to implement leadership and to lead than by accepting 1000lbs of instant, honest feedback from a horse.  This is particularly TRUE for individuals and teams who need be agile, confident and creative to lead in dynamic, cross-cultural environments because the skills learned in TRUE Leadership transcend issues of language, culture, gender, religion and nationality.

For any major business initiative to succeed, for a team to navigate new waters in a new configuration, or indeed for any relationship to flourish, it is crucial to create a culture of trust.  The goal is to take a group of individuals and make them into a healthy and high functioning herd. Strong herds are made up of individuals who have sharpened awareness, who communicate and act with clarity and assertiveness and who are able to create and deliver success together. In a herd of horses, there is incredible clarity around both leadership and herd dynamics. For them, that success is a matter of life and death. Let us bring clarity, awareness and power to your herd with TRUE Leadership.

The experiential understanding you gain from working with horses creates immediate and permanent shifts in the way you lead and sharpens your instinctual leadership skills. This is TRUE whether you are having a private or a group experience. Within a group setting, your team will experience herd dynamics and how to develop fluid and synchronized communication in action.

TRUE Leadership delivers results in partnership; the horses give you instant authentic feedback which develops your self-awareness, our coaches help to translate that awareness into self-knowledge of how you do things and what you deeply believe—beliefs and actions that are often within your blind spots. Each individual walks away from the TRUE Leadership experience with daily practices that support your consistent development and transform self-knowledge into self-mastery and TRUE Leadership skills.

Experience TRUE Leadership