TRUE Coaching is about turning awareness and feedback into daily practices that serve the life you want to lead in your business, family or personal life. TRUE Coaching uses the principles learned from observing leadership in nature. Horses teach us how to build trust and relationships that serve the whole herd.  The wisdom practices of societies that live close to nature teach us sustainability and ways to connect with the peace that surrounds us in nature rather than the stressors that we bring in to nature.

We engage your body’s resources before we work with your mind because your body is also a part of nature. We ask your mind to review the beliefs and habits that create the lens through which you perceive and create your world. We will explore beliefs that are either no longer true or not serving the vision of the life you would like to lead, especially the ones which are revealed in your blind spots. TRUE coaching is deep, personal, permanent work that with practice becomes the life you lead.

TRUE Coaching can be done as a Full or Half-Day Strategy Session or in 3 month, 6 month and annual programs. Please inquire about programs for both Executive and Personal engagements.