I’m a photographer. Photography is my AND. Everyone asks me are you a business strategist OR a photographer? A horse whisperer OR an executive coach. I am all of these things. Feel free to join them with an AND. I do!

FROM MY EYES represents my photography both literally and figuratively.

Having lived in the Middle East for many years I have come to appreciate the poetry of the Arabic sayings.  If you asked for help in a time of need, the answer would not be so simple as ‘sure’ or ‘no problem’.  An Arab speaker may reply by saying ‘min AYooni’ which literally translates to ‘from my eyes’ and this answer implies sincerity, and pleasure, in being able to serve and provide assistance.

So my photographs represent both sides; literally, what I have seen and figuratively, the sincere pleasure and gratitude I feel for the opportunity to bear witness to such beauty.

I mean that, FROM MY EYES.

"You look just in your element" Astrid Harrisson

"You look just in your element" Astrid Harrisson